Stroom Ondertussen Process

Cut-outs in checkered paper for playing cards
stickers of hands on wall for a mural of Laura Snijders at Stroom Ondertussen space
Stroom ondertussen Laura Snijders making playing cards photo:myung Feyen
sticker of hand on wall with the word created and an arrow Stroom Ondertussen build up Laura Snijders
Actual hand with round stickers on top, shoes and wooden floor in the background
tablecloth with cut-outs

In September and October 2021 I was invited to make a presentation of my work in the Ondertussen space at Stroom Den Haag. The build up and the creation of the work were part of the presentation itself, as were my presence and absence. 

This is part of the text that was written for this presentation:
“As a point of departure she asks herself what the role and meaning is of the human body in the context of her work and her art practice. A question that begins with an on-site investigation into how her own physical body relates to the space and to the body of the other. Snijders approaches this question like a playful investigation, with lots of interaction and exchange. 

Since Laura Snijders graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (Department Fashion and Textile) in 2018, her art practice has developed from fashion design towards autonomous visual research. Her interest in the human body (which was so normative in her earlier work) has remained, but always from broader perspective. She is driven by a curiosity about the forces, processes and mechanisms that determine how we dress, behave, manifest and see ourselves – like consumerism, (group) identity and standardization. It is often an intuitive, visual research into the underlying meanings, codes and languages, in order to understand, visualize or redirect them or put them on edge. Laura Snijders prefers to work with collage techniques, mainly on the flat surface, with textiles, paper and stickers but recently also more spatially in the form of installations and objects placed together.”

Thanks to Stroom Den Haag for inviting me.
Third Photo by Myung Feyen.